Welcome to Fernando's Gourmet Pizza Restaurant

Located in Cordeaux Heights, Wollongong, we offer an exciting range of traditional and gourmet pizzas to ensure your dining experience is one to remember. Our unique combination of toppings will suit all pizza lovers.

About Us
Fernandos Pizza is an Italian styled restaurant specialising in gourmet pizza. Opening in Cordeaux Heights Village in 2003 Fernandos Pizza was an instant hit, making the Illawarra Mercury for one of it's famous pizzas, the Spicy Thai Chicken.

The Chef
Richard Piekarz is the owner, manager and head chef for Fernandos Pizza. His love for cooking was sparked by his mother and he has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. Initially Fernandos Pizza was located in Balgownie (1989-2003), although being one of the first in the Illawarra region to specialise in gourmet pizza, his rapport with customers served him well when moving to Cordeaux Heights Village.

Our menu is wide ranging and our unique combination of toppings are designed to suit all palates. Fernandos Pizza additionally offers kitchen options such as pastas, chicken and veal. Our ingredients are sourced from local providers daily to ensure that our food is fresh and of high quality. View our menus on the right.

Cordeaux Heights Village Shops
26 Derribong Drive Cordeaux Heights NSW 2526

Fernandos Pizza Phone: (02) 4271 2494

Ph: 4271 2494

Opening Hours 

Open Tuesday to Sunday

5pm - 10pm


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